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The Art of Food

check out the new site 

The Art of Food



if you have not already check out my new site U just got done with some new shoots with food and some models. 


I just made a new site, if you want to check out something new come take a look. http://www.isparksfotography.com/ 

Just have some things on my mind

  • Times have change I know to well
  • That this time I'm the one to tell
  • Problem come and go
  • to much to say out loud
  • to much to keep inside
  • who am I to try and hide
  • I help the ones I can and
  • I do what I think is right,
  • yet when it is my turn I'm stuck
  • stuck and always trying to find out who to turn to
  • never truly knowing who will answer
  • never knowing who will listen
  • and then I'm the one that get blamed when I scream and yell
  • and try to tell my story that I had all along
  • but when, when do I get my time to let things out
  • should I stop helping the ones that come to me
  • should I start going to them and asking them to sit up in the morning
  • at 3 Am when you have class in 4 hours
  • lol only if they really knew what they put me through
  • I can not be stuck, stuck behind the people that I help
  • in the shadow drowned out by there fame
  • they are happy but what about me
  • what about me what about me
  • it time for me to get my time
  • I can actually understand what it mean that im doing me
  • could not understand since I was doing so many other ppl
  • Pause:
  • true story indeed, I will start to do me the more i write
  • I feel better the more I fight
  • for my right to be the best me I can
  • Jay-z says it the best
  • Nigga don't be good
  • be great!
  • I will be great! I will make
  • the best me I can be!

Thought via Path

Just cooked come Basil and Cilantro Infused Alfredo Pasta with Brown Sugar Salmon. Nothing fancy Y(^_^)Y – Read on Path.

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